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Album Review: Angel - Nu Soul Stew

I wanted to wait a minute before writing the review of this album. I have actually had this music in my hot little hands now for about three months. I could have written the album review a few moments after I listened to the whole thing for the first time. All it takes is one listen in order to be hooked, no need for a second or third listen. However I wanted to wait. I wanted to play the music both on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio and on Nu Soul @ and just let people hear it first. In the meanwhile I have been watching it rise up the music (internet & terrestrial) charts around the country. However those charts are meaningless. What does mean something is the smile that will appear on your face, the moment you start playing this album. That smile will remain on your face, because when you find yourself immersed in the "real thing", that's exactly what's supposed to happen.

Classic Soul is a genre that seems to be getting a whole lot of attention these days. When someone wins 5 Grammy Awards doing a style of music that has been "underground" for so many years, most people notice and some people imitate. Angel Rissoff is an artist who doesn't have to "imitate" anything, cuz he is the "real deal." He didn't start doing Classic Soul music last week or last year. He's been doing it his whole life and over the past few years he has been at the forefront of creating BRAND NEW "Black American Standard Music" in a world that thinks that term almost always means "oldies."

However I am here to tell you that right now, in 2008 a year in which BRAND NEW "Black American Standard Music" is all of the rage everywhere from Triple A formatted radio stations, to college radio stations, to jazz radio stations, to political campaign rallies, to mellow upscale big city nightclubs, to rambunctious Carolina beach nightclubs, to iPod's in your children's pockets, (in other words just about everywhere except for so called Black radio stations) the "best of the best" of this "new trend", just might be Nu Soul Stew, by Angel Rissoff. So far ranks it as the 12th best album release of the year 2008 to date.

While others struggle to find just the right ingredients for the "required authenticity" for "Black American Standard Music", Angel just keeps pumping away more and more of what he very accurately calls ("Nu Soul"). So what does it sound like for those of yall who need labels on your music?

--Sometimes it sounds like Motown
--Sometimes it sounds like Stax
--Sometimes it sounds like a Bronx Street corner
--Sometimes it sounds like an Alabama Juke Joint
--Sometimes it sounds as funky as a "Mosqueeters Tweeter"

Since Angel makes no attempt at "modernizing" any of this it sounds just as fresh as the new music coming from artists like Amy Winehouse, Raphael Saddiq, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, James Hunter, Bettye LaVette and others who are finding success doing their own variation of 1960's R&B music, all proving that there really isn't anything new under the sun.

--Bob Davis, Soul Patrol


Angel Rissoff's Nu Soul Stew

Various Artists

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